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Argulus sp., fish louse

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Taxonomic lineage

cellular organisms - Eukaryota - Fungi/Metazoa group - Metazoa - Eumetazoa - Bilateria - Coelomata - Protostomia - Panarthropoda - Arthropoda - Mandibulata - Pancrustacea - Crustacea - Maxillopoda - Branchiura - Arguloida - Argulidae - Argulus

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Best known species

Methods for control

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Developmental stages

Life Cycle Stages

Argulus spp. reproduce sexually and male and female parasites mate on or off the host. Several matings may take place. Sperm is stored in the female's spermatheca and used to fertilize eggs individually upon laying.

The generalized model of the dynamics of A. japonicus population in still-water trout fisheries in England suggests that 2 full generations of the parasite can occur in a year. The parasites overwinter either as hatched stages or dormant eggs.

Argulus spp., fish louse
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