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Abstract image, papillomavirus
Abstract image, papillomavirus

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Human papillomavirus brief overview

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General information  
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Human Papillomavirus taxonomic lineage

Viruses - dsDNA viruses, no RNA stage - Papillomaviridae - Human papillomavirus types

General information

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Place among other viruses

Read more about place of HPV among other viruses

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Principles of classification based on genotype

Read more about HPV classification principles

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Genome structure of HPV

All PVs contain a double-stranded, circular DNA genome approximately 8 kb in size that can be divided into 3 major regions. These regions are separated by two polyadenylation (pA) sites: early pA and late pA.

Read more about HPV genome structure

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Human Papillomavirus proteins

Read more about HPV proteins

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Human Papillomavirus life cycle

Read more about HPV life cycle

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Mechanism of cancer induction

The highest risk of cancer development occurs after prolonged persistent infection. The virus establishes the persistent infection at maintenance replication stage by obviating host's immune responses and, ultimately, integrating its DNA into the host's genome.

More about how Human Papillomavirus causes cancer

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Development of cervical cancer caused by HPV16

Read more about cervical cancer development

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Read more about vaccination against HPV

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Detailed taxonomy of Human Papillomavirus

Read more: HPV detailed taxonomic tree with references

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Human Papillomavirus references with links at MetaPathogen

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