Papillomavirus - diversity


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Papillomaviruses have circular double-stranded DNA genomes and non-enveloped icosahedral capsids. The structure is very similar to Polyomaviridae (polyomaviruses). In the past PVs and Polyomaviruses were placed in a common family, Papoviridae. However later in 1980's sequence and functional studies shown that these viruses are very different: they do not share any substantial amount of sequence similarity, with the exception of a small homologous segment in their T-antigen and E1 genes, respectively; papillomaviruses have genome sizes about 8 kb whereas polyomaviruses have genome sizes closer to 5 kb; papillomaviruses' transcription goes in one directions while polyomaviruses possess two transcription units that read toward one another. Therefore, PVs were separated into their own family Papillomaviridae.

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