Abstract image on Scabies page
Abstract image on Scabies page

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Sarcoptes scabiei type hominis

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Taxonomic lineage

cellular organisms - Eukaryota - Fungi/Metazoa group - Metazoa - Eumetazoa - Bilateria - Coelomata - Protostomia - Panarthropoda - Arthropoda - Chelicerata - Arachnida - Acari - Acariformes - Sarcoptiformes - Astigmata - Psoroptidia - Sarcoptoidea - Sarcoptidae - Sarcoptinae - Sarcoptes - Sarcoptes scabiei - Sarcoptes scabiei type hominis

Brief facts


Mite survivability

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Clinical manifestations


Characteristic distribution of lesions in adults with
		  'classic' scabies: armpits, wrists, genitalia, interdigital regions, buttocks

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Developmental stage (life cycle)

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Active agent Formulation Advantages Disadvantages
Sulphur 2-10% precipitate in petroleum base Safe for infants, pregnant and lactating women; cheap Messy and malodorous; may cause skin irritation; multiple treatments are usually required
Crotamiton 10% oitment Safe for infants; reported antibacterial and antipruritic activity; well tolerated Multiple treatments are required; resistance reported
Benzyl benzoate 25% oitment Effective; inexpensive Can cause severe skin irritation; not ovicidal; multiple applications required; not recommended for pregnant and lactating women as well for infants
Lindane (gamma benzene hexachloride) 1% lotion or cream Effective; inexpensive Neurotoxic; contradicated in pregnant women and infants; resistance reported; banned in several countries
Permethrin (synthetic pyrethroid) 5% cream Effective; well tolerated; first choice for pregnant women and infants Expensive; resistance reported; mild skin irritation can occur
Ivermectin Oral, 200 µg/kg Broad spectrum antiparasitic; convenient; few side effects Expensive; resistance reported; lack of sufficient safety data; optimal doses and regimen are uncertain
Natural pyrethrins and pyrethroids Herbal oils and extracts (tea tree, neem, turmeric, bush tea) Usually safe; high cure rates were shown at clinical trials Lack of sufficient safety and efficiency data; multiple applications are usually required; can be quite expensive


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